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[Mart's been lying in that hammock since being nearly killed by milk crazy drones a few times. He's getting mighty sick of getting shot and stabbed...

He notices a package out of the corner of his eye, another regain, perhaps? Walking over and opening it, Mart finds: nothing. Except his skin feels slightly tingly-

Oh hell yes.

Mart has now regained his divine durability, making him extremely tough, bulletproof, and capable of giving himself a sharp shark-like skin at will.]

A [Phone]

Hello once again Mayfieldians! It's Mart and I have the most kick-ass news! I've regained something that guarantees anyone who tries to fuck with me getting beaten into the pavement. So SOME people... you know who you are, you are so fucked if you try anything on me again.

B. Action

[Mart is lying down on top of the car parked in his houses driveway, enjoying the sun and lounging.]

C. Action - Around Town

[Mart is walking through town eating an especially large, stacked cheeseburger. He looks happier than he's ever looked.]
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 [Mart has gotten a neat little package in the mail. A neat package that upon opening makes him feel good... strong... super strong!]


[Mart is in the front yard of his house... lifting a tree right out of its roots!]


Go ahead. Ask me why I'm so happy today.
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 [Guess who got hid demi-god shark teeth back? This guy! And he's having a hell of a time now that he has at least one of his powers back, even if he almost committed murder and almost got murdered on two occasions.]

A. Phone

Alright, I got my godly chompers back so two questions to the vets around here:
One, where can I get some seafood? And two, how can I speed up the process of getting my powers and shit back?

B. Action

[At the diner, cafeteria, or picnic table, etc. (your choice) you can find Mart digging into an inhumanly large pile of food, ripping right through every piece with his razor sharp shark teeth. Do you dare ask him for a bite, a word,  join him, or ask to use some table manners? ]


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