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2012-05-23 09:56 pm
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IC/OOC Permissions Threads

 IC/OOC Permissions Threads
Player Name: Jacob
AIM: Jinjo89
Plurk: Imaginos



Backtagging: Yes.
Threadhopping: With permission.
Fourthwalling: Mart is pretty genre savvy, but it'll depend on the context for full on 4th wall breaking.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Depends.


Hugging this character: Sure. 
Kissing this character: If you want to. Just watch the teeth!
Flirting with this character: Yes, though Mart doesn't have that much experience with the ladies.
Fighting with this character: Yes.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): If you talk it out with me beforehand, yes.
Killing this character: Yes, but like injury, I'd like to talk it out with you first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: With permission.

Warnings: Mart is quick to bite first and then ask questions later.
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2012-01-02 11:23 pm



[Mart is walking door to door or down the streets with a number of business cards which read "MART VINEYARD: (BADASS) HERO FOR HIRE!" which feature a phone number crossed out, a new one drawn in for Mayfield, and a smiling picture of himself. He'll attempt to hand them out to you or any passerbyers and staple them to any posts.

Also, Mart has regained a black tank top with this symbol emblazoned upon it: http://symboldictionary.net/?p=1080]


Hey, so I got back a bunch of cards for when I was Hero-ing for Hire, and I realized: why not do it here? So I'm offering my services as a young, outstanding metahuman to any of you who need them!

You got problems? And I will solve them! Possibly with my teeth.
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2011-08-23 06:01 pm


[Mart's been lying in that hammock since being nearly killed by milk crazy drones a few times. He's getting mighty sick of getting shot and stabbed...

He notices a package out of the corner of his eye, another regain, perhaps? Walking over and opening it, Mart finds: nothing. Except his skin feels slightly tingly-

Oh hell yes.

Mart has now regained his divine durability, making him extremely tough, bulletproof, and capable of giving himself a sharp shark-like skin at will.]

A [Phone]

Hello once again Mayfieldians! It's Mart and I have the most kick-ass news! I've regained something that guarantees anyone who tries to fuck with me getting beaten into the pavement. So SOME people... you know who you are, you are so fucked if you try anything on me again.

B. Action

[Mart is lying down on top of the car parked in his houses driveway, enjoying the sun and lounging.]

C. Action - Around Town

[Mart is walking through town eating an especially large, stacked cheeseburger. He looks happier than he's ever looked.]
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2011-07-04 12:06 pm



[Mart wake sup to a bright and shiny 4th Of July in Mayfield! Home sweet... wait a minute... no it isn't! Mart is feeling really confused with these happy feeling about Mayfield creeping up on him. But then, it's a celebration of this wonderful town, in this wonderful country! Time to celebrate in style! Mart is outside and happily enjoying some cheese burgers and hot dogs. All with a box simply labeled "FIREWORKS" beside him. 'Cause if there's anything better than enjoying a BBQ, it's blowing shit up.]


Hey, uh, is anyone else feeling kinda crazy today? I mean, I love The 4th Of July but... something seems off.
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2011-06-19 11:35 am


 [Father's day is a bit of a bitter time for Mart on account of his own father, the primal arch-god of the ocean Leviathan, being absent for most of his young life. Also, it's making him homesick for his mother.]


Around the house, you can find Mart sulking. And in town at various public hangouts (The park, school, etc.) you can also find him sulking, possibly while eating.
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2011-06-07 08:12 pm


 [Guess who got hid demi-god shark teeth back? This guy! And he's having a hell of a time now that he has at least one of his powers back, even if he almost committed murder and almost got murdered on two occasions.]

A. Phone

Alright, I got my godly chompers back so two questions to the vets around here:
One, where can I get some seafood? And two, how can I speed up the process of getting my powers and shit back?

B. Action

[At the diner, cafeteria, or picnic table, etc. (your choice) you can find Mart digging into an inhumanly large pile of food, ripping right through every piece with his razor sharp shark teeth. Do you dare ask him for a bite, a word,  join him, or ask to use some table manners? ]
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2011-05-27 02:34 pm


 [So, Mart is new to all this Mayfield shenannigans and having to track down and kill some guy leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

But, if the guy's a dick and he can get his powers back for it, and death isn't even permanent then hell, why not?]

A. Phone

So, all we gotta do is take out somebody who won't even be dead for long? Not that big a deal to me. 'Cause the sooner I get my powers back, the better. But shit like this happened before I hear around? So, what happened last time?

B. Action.

[Mart is sitting on the front porch of his house, giant sandwich in hand/mouth, population control package and letter to his side. He'll look menacingly at anyone who approaches.]
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2011-05-15 02:04 am


[Mart awakens, yawns, and then stretches his arms and legs upon lifting himself from bed. Drowsily, he walks past a mirror in his room... only to run back to it when he notices that one: This isn't his room. These are not his astronaut emblazoned pajama. He doesn't even have pajamas. And two: He's got flat, regular, human teeth!]

What the hell!?

[Mart examines the room further. Everything is all old and crappy, like the kind of stuff you'd see on the TV land channel. Which of course means, not cool.]

A. Phone (Public)

[Mart grabs a nearby phone and tries to call up his witch mother.]

Hey, mom!  Is this another weird spell to punish me?

B. Action
[Mart, not wanting to solve this mystery on an angry stomach, will walk outside, in his astronaut pajamas, and find the nearest available person to ask where is a good place to eat around here. 
That of course, means you.]
Hey, buddy, where can a guy like me get his weight in burgers around here?
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2011-05-15 01:49 am

Mart Vineyard | OC | 914 Bilko Boulevard

 Hi everyone! This is Jacob, player of Lex Luthor and The cryptkeeper and this is my OC Mart Vineyard! He bites. Careful. Anywho, He'll be living at 914 Bilko Boulevard and hopefully he'll fit right in at Mayfield with the amount of crazy and violence he has! Going to be posting his entry journal soon, cannot wait to get the ball rolling with him!