May. 15th, 2011

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 Hi everyone! This is Jacob, player of Lex Luthor and The cryptkeeper and this is my OC Mart Vineyard! He bites. Careful. Anywho, He'll be living at 914 Bilko Boulevard and hopefully he'll fit right in at Mayfield with the amount of crazy and violence he has! Going to be posting his entry journal soon, cannot wait to get the ball rolling with him!


May. 15th, 2011 02:04 am
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[Mart awakens, yawns, and then stretches his arms and legs upon lifting himself from bed. Drowsily, he walks past a mirror in his room... only to run back to it when he notices that one: This isn't his room. These are not his astronaut emblazoned pajama. He doesn't even have pajamas. And two: He's got flat, regular, human teeth!]

What the hell!?

[Mart examines the room further. Everything is all old and crappy, like the kind of stuff you'd see on the TV land channel. Which of course means, not cool.]

A. Phone (Public)

[Mart grabs a nearby phone and tries to call up his witch mother.]

Hey, mom!  Is this another weird spell to punish me?

B. Action
[Mart, not wanting to solve this mystery on an angry stomach, will walk outside, in his astronaut pajamas, and find the nearest available person to ask where is a good place to eat around here. 
That of course, means you.]
Hey, buddy, where can a guy like me get his weight in burgers around here?


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